Douglas County, Kansas

Other Volunteers

We have a variety of opportunities for people who want to share the
CASA mission with the community, help with special projects, or just help kids in Douglas County, KS.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CASA.

Ambassadors are the marketing and recruitment arm of CASA, inviting qualified community volunteers to work on behalf of children who, because of abuse or neglect, have been placed in protective custody under the jurisdiction of the court system.

Ambassadors help spread the word about the CASA mission and our need for more volunteers and support by participating in community events, hosting recruitment and information booths, assisting with public presentations, and by aiding in the search for and connection with community partners. They also help provide special gifts and resources for CASA kids, which help them celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations and adoptions.
Increasing visibility of CASA through:
  • Presentations/speeches given to community groups, schools, etc.
  • Staffing of recruitment tables at volunteer fairs
  • Staffing displays at community events such as Farmer’s Market
Recruitment of volunteers to serve as CASA Advocates
  • Identify potential volunteers
  • Inform volunteers of opportunity
  • Assist volunteers through application process, as appropriate
Securing special resources for CASA kids to help them celebrate holidays, birthdays, graduations, and adoptions
  • Identify potential community partners and in-kind donors
  • Solicit holiday gifts and other donations to meet the special needs of CASA kids
  • Assist with agency fundraisers
Ideal candidates will have skills or demonstrated ability to:
  • Provide a public voice for the organization.
  • Articulate the mission and goals of CASA.
  • Be knowledgeable about all aspects of agency programs.
  • Communicate with the public and respond to questions about agency programs, services, etc.
  • Be passionate about the work of the agency and share that passion with the community.
  • Recruit individuals to support CASA through volunteering and/or financial support.
  • Be sensitive to the diverse needs of the children served through CASA.
  • Develop and implement community presentations appropriate to the audience.
  • Develop and utilize community connections to help meet special needs of CASA kids.
  • Must participate in a brief interview and training session.
  • Ambassadors will represent CASA in a professional and positive manner.

Change a life with CASA

At any given time, there are 165 children from Douglas County in the child welfare system due to abuse and neglect. Help us help those children who are still waiting for a CASA volunteer.

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