Douglas County, Kansas


We recruit, train, and support volunteers who advocate for the best interest of children who have experienced abuse and neglect and are under the protection of the court system in Douglas Co., KS.

Every year in Douglas County, Kansas, dozens of children ages 0-18 are removed from their homes and placed under court protection for their own safety. Some of these children are victims of violence, psychological torment, and sexual abuse. Others have been neglected or abandoned. They are confused, frightened and uncertain about their future. Many are placed in foster care. Douglas County CASA is dedicated to making sure these children get the attention they deserve. With the help of specially trained volunteers, Court Appointed Special Advocates, we advocate for the best interests of these vulnerable children. Douglas County CASA helps children find safe, permanent and loving homes.

Our people

CASA's Team

Erick Vaughn
Executive Director
Carol Huettner
Administrative Assistant
Sarah Hoadley
Development Coordinator
Susan Allen
Volunteer Advocate Coordinator
Margie Carr
Volunteer Advocate Coordinator
Amy Buchele-Ash
Volunteer Advocate Coordinator
Carolyn Johnson
Volunteer Advocate Coordinator
Scharla Paryzek
Volunteer Advocate Coordinator
Kail Winfrey-Gorzek
Recruitment & Training Coordinator
Our board

CASA's Board Members

Michael Steinle
Loretta Severin
Ashley Coles
Katy Price
Jessica Pryor
Past President
Audra Fussell
Board Member
Jennifer Adhima
Board Member
Bill Brady
Board Member
Marsha Griggs
Board Member
Gina Spade
Board Member
Marc White
Board Member
Kurt Goeser
Board Member
Abby Bishop
Kappa Alpha Theta President - University of Kansas
Jill LaPoint
Ambassadors President
Hon. Jean F. Shepherd
Honorary Board Member

Change a life with CASA

At any given time there are 165 children in foster care due to child abuse and neglect in our area, help us help those children who are still waiting for a CASA volunteer.