Douglas County, Kansas

The CASA Collective

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The CASA Collective is a society of caring friends who have come together and made a commitment to provide ongoing support for kids in the child welfare system throughout the year.

It costs $2500 to recruit, train & supervise a volunteer to serve one child or sibling group in the foster care system for an entire year. CASA currently has 92 children on our waiting list. Your support can help us reach more of them.

The following caring supporters have answered the call to make speaking up for CASA kids a top priority. They have joined The CASA Collective, our society of recurring donors, and are making monthly or quarterly gifts of any amount to CASA to sustain this critical advocacy work throughout the year. Please consider joining them and providing ongoing support for kids who have experienced abuse & neglect and wait an average of 3 years for a safe & permanent home.

Together we can give these kids some stability and ensure their voices are heard & their needs are met while they wait.

A BIG thank you and welcome to:

Jennifer & Mohammed Adhima
Mary & Mac Boatright
Jerree & Harley Catlin
Sarah & Phil Cauthon
Brigitte Channel
Ashley & Matt Coles
Joseph Dougherty
Donna Eades
Eileen & Gordon Fitch
Kim Glover
Liz Lanphear
Tracey & Dean Noll
Katy Price
Loretta & Jeff Severin
Ingrid & Andrew Stewart
Rita & Scott Still
Nancy Ulrich & Carl Gallagher
Kitty Ware
Patricia & David Willer
Evan Williams
Eleanor Woodyard
Charles Yockey, M.D. and Nancy Yockey 

Change a life with CASA

At any given time there are 165 children in foster care due to child abuse and neglect in our area, help us help those children who are still waiting for a CASA volunteer.