Douglas County, Kansas
Continuing Education Event


5:30 pm
8:30 pm
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Flory Meeting Hall
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In the last several decades, suicide attempts among Black adolescents have increased by 73% while attempts among White youth have decreased. The rate of suicide for Black youth ages 5-12 is double that of their White counterparts (Lindsey, M.A., et al., Pediatrics, Vol. 144, No. 5, 2019). Black girls are suspended from school at 5 times the rate of White girls and are 4 times as likely to be arrested at school. (US Dept. of Education) Furthermore, not only are Black girls trafficked at higher rates than their White counterparts, they also experience trafficking at a younger age and are more likely to be arrested as a result of their own victimization.

During this workshop, participants will evaluate the necessity in acknowledging the role that race plays in the experience of systemic oppression, marginalization, internalized oppression and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Strategies to increase safety, break down barriers and practice humility will be presented as well as the use of racial socialization as a protective factor.

Course Objectives

a. Defining and reflecting on personal and system level bias

b. Recognition and awareness of the history of racism within child welfare

c. The importance of strengths-based language

d. Understanding intersectionality in power, privilege and oppression

Presenter: Crystal Bennett, LMSW - Founder/CEO of THRYVE

Crystal is an educator, an advocate, a survivor and a self-proclaimed thriver! For the past 25 years she has been driven by her personal experiences of trauma to elevate and amplify the voices of individuals and communities in order to promote healing and opportunities to move from surviving to thriving.

Crystal has demonstrated a passion in sharing her experiences in order to help individuals heal from their personal traumas and work alongside professionals to create trauma informed, culturally inclusive and person-centered spaces. Her experiences include advocacy within the child welfare system, oversight of child and youth programs, crisis hotline response, delivery of community based mental health services and implementing trauma informed strategies and programs for school districts. She has been called upon to provide training, coaching and consultation across the nation in the subject areas of Human Trafficking, Suicide Prevention, Motivational Interviewing, Child Trauma & Maltreatment and Racial Trauma. She is a fierce advocate for social justice and leads courageously to dismantle oppressive systems and create equitable and just services, policies and programs.