Douglas County, Kansas

Working Your Case


The primary duties of a CASA Volunteer are to investigate and become acquainted with the facts, conditions, and circumstances affecting a child's welfare, to advocate for the best interest of the child, and to assist the court in obtaining the most permanent, safe, and homelike placement possible. In order to do this you spend time with the child, their family, and the adults involved in their life including case manager, social workers, teachers, therapists, and other professionals.
  • Meet and interact with your assigned child as often as possible
  • Get to know and ask other people in the child's life about the child and their circumstances
  • Remember your supervisor is there for you, and refer back to your CASA Volunteer Job Description and Rule 110

Reports & Recommendations

You will track your contacts and the information you learn via our web-based case management database (or monthly written reports). This information is collected and documented so it will be easier to write court reports for hearings. In these court reports you will make recommendations. You will be:
  • meeting, talking, communicating with the child, parents, family members, case managers, school officials, health providers, and others who are knowledgeable about the child’s history
  • reviewing all records pertaining to the child – school, medical, case manager reports, and other pertinent documents
  • working with your supervisor and our administrative support staff to finalize and submit your court reports.